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3'3'-cGAMP, 500 µg

3'3'-cGAMP, 500 µg

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Product Code: tlrl-nacga
Supplier: InvivoGen

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    STING Ligand. Cyclic [G(3’,5’)pA(3’,5’)p]. 3’3’-cGAMP (cyclic [G(3’,5’)pA(3’,5’)p], previously known as cGAMP) is a cyclic di-nucleotide produced by bacteria. 3’3’-cGAMP is also referred to as "canonical" cGAMP due the presence of the classical 3’-5’ phosphodiester linkages between the guanosine and the adenosine. Recently, 3’3’-cGAMP was reported to bind STING (stimulator of IFN genes) and subsequently induce TBK1-IRF3-dependent production of IFN-β [1]. Studies in bacteria revealed that 3’3’-cGAMP serves as a second messenger and plays a role in bacterial chemotaxis and colonization [2]. Structural and functional studies revealed that the canonical 3’3’-cGAMP produced by bacteria is distinct from the noncanonical 2’3’-cGAMP produced by mammalian cGAS [3]. Certain variants of STING are able to distinguish between canonical and noncanonical cGAMP [4]. 3’3’-cGAMP is more potent in activating IRF3 than c-di-IMP, c-di-AMP and c-diGMP, other 3',5' cyclic dinucleotides that also bind to STING [5]. References 1. Zhang X. et al., 2013. Cyclic GMP-AMP containing mixed phosphdiester linkages is an endogenous high-affinity ligand for STING. Mol Cell.51(2):226-35. 2. Davies B. et al., 2012. Coordinated regulation of accessory genetic elements produces cyclic di-nucleotides for V. cholerae virulence. Cell. 149(2):358-70.) 3. Gao P. et al., 2013. Cyclic [G(2',5')pA(3',5')p] is the metazoan second messenger produced by DNA-activated cyclic GMP-AMP synthase. Cell. 153(5):1094-107. 4. Diner E. et al., 2013. The Innate Immune DNA Sensor cGAS Produces a Noncanonical Cyclic Dinucleotide that Activates Human STING. Cell Rep. 3(5):1355-61. 5. Burdette D. et al., 2011. STING is a direct innate immune sensor of cyclic di-GMP. Nature. 478(7370):515-8.
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    Supplier name InvivoGen
    Product Type Reagents
    Size 500 microg
    Aliases Cyclic [G(3’,5’)pA(3’,5’)p], cyclic GMP-AMP, c-GpAp sodium salt.
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    Categories Reagents,PRR ligands
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