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pCpGfree-basic, 20 μg

pCpGfree-basic, 20 μg

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Product Code: pcpgf-bas
Supplier: InvivoGen

Expression vector CpG-free for promoter CpG methylation study pCpGfree-basic are reporter plasmids completely devoid of CpG dinucleotides. These plasmids lack the entire promoter region (compared to pCpGfree plasmids). pCpGfree-basic plasmids contain a multiple cloning site (MCS) upstream of the mSEAP or Lucia, a secreted luciferase, reporter gene. Expression of reporter in cells transfected with this plasmid depends on the insertion of a functional promoter or enhancer/promoter cassette upstream from the reporter gene. Thus, pCpGfree-basic plasmids allow to study the effect of CpG methylation on a promoter, alone or combined with enhancer elements.
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Product Name pCpGfree-basic, 20 μg
Supplier name InvivoGen
Product Type Antibody Generation Plasmids
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