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pCpGfree-OVA, 20 µg

pCpGfree-OVA, 20 µg

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Product Code: pcpgf-ova
Supplier: InvivoGen

OVA-expressing CpG-free plasmid pCpGfree-OVA is a plasmid completely devoid of CpG dinucleotides. It expresses a synthetic OVA gene, a CpG-free allele of the ovalbumin (OVA) gene constructed by chemical synthesis. This plasmid is designed for DNA immunization experiments in animal models. This plasmid possesses dual functions; it can be used as a DNA vaccine carrier for antigen presentation, and as an immune-stimulative adjuvant.
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Product Name pCpGfree-OVA, 20 µg
Supplier name InvivoGen
Product Type Antibody Generation Plasmids
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