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c-di-IMP, 1 mg

c-di-IMP, 1 mg

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Product Code: tlrl-nacdi
Supplier: InvivoGen

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    STING ligand - Cyclic [I(3’,5’)pI(3’,5’)p]. Cyclic di-inosine monophosphate (c-di-IMP) is a synthetic analog of the bacterial second messengers c-di-AMP and c-di-GMP. Although chemically different, c-di-IMP exhibits similar conformational features and biological properties to c-di-GMP. In vitro studies have revealed that c-di-IMP displays comparable capacities to c-di-GMP in promoting the activation and maturation of antigen presenting cells [1]. Furthermore, c-di-IMP has been shown to possess strong adjuvant properties when co-administered with an antigen by the mucosal route [1]. The immunostimulatory activity of c-di-IMP depends on the signaling molecule STING [2]. Cells with reduced STING expression respond weakly to c-di-IMP in contrast to cells expressing high levels of STING. References: 1. Libanova R. et al., 2010.The member of the cyclic di-nucleotide family bis-(3', 5')-cyclic dimeric inosine monophosphate exer ts potent activity as mucosal adjuvant. Vaccine. 28(10):2249-58. 2. Burdette DL. et al., 2011. STING is a direct innate immune sensor of cyclic di-GMP. Nature. 478(7370):515-8.
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    Supplier name InvivoGen
    Product Type Reagents
    Size 1 mg
    Aliases Cyclic di-inosine monophosphate, c-di-IMP sodium salt
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    Categories Reagents,PRR ligands
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