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Company Name – Life Research Pty Ltd

Trading Name – Jomar Life Research

ABN – 51 137 816 267

Jomar Life Research Product Satisfaction Policy

It is our goal at Jomar Life Research (JLR) to always provide our customers with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations. To this end, JLR will refund, replace or provide a sales credit for any product which does not meet the reasonable satisfaction of our customers.

Please consider the following guidelines if requesting any refund or replacement:

  • Intended use: By their nature, research products are used for diverse applications and it is impractical to test them for all purposes. The performance expectations of research products is limited by their validation as specified in the Product Data Sheet or other product information

  • Reasonable period for notification: Please submit requests for refund or replacement within 45 days of product delivery.

  • Purchases of multiple units: Before purchasing multiple units of a product, we request that customers purchase a small quantity for pilot experiments. JLR limits its obligation for refund/replacement to the value of one unit.

  • Custom or Bulk products: JLR will not provide refunds or replacements for custom or bulk purchases.

  • Data: To avoid inconvenience to other customers, JLR and its suppliers have an interest to identify and correct or withdraw from sale any product which does not perform properly. To support this quality control, for any request for replacement or refund, we request that the customer provides us with:
    • The primary data obtained using the product; and
    • Descriptions facilitating the easy interpretation of the data, including for example, standard curves, sample collection and preparation protocols and clearly labelled figure legends.

  • Indirect expenses: Please understand that JLR cannot accept responsibility and will not provide reimbursement for any indirect costs associated with the use of products, i.e. lost time performing experiments or the value of samples.

How much is freight?

Our standard freight to Australian customers is $35 (ex GST), and $75 (ex GST) to our friends over in New Zealand. Items requiring Dry Ice freight from overseas suppliers have a freight charge of $395 (ex GST).

When do you need my order in by?

We kindly ask that orders for US based suppliers be put in before 12pm Wednesdays (AEDT Time). All other suppliers (Europe, Asia etc.) we order with on Thursdays, so get those Purchase Orders in by 12pm Thursday afternoon.

Do I need a quote before I order my items?

To ensure you get the best possible pricing, we highly recommend you email or call us for a quote before sending that purchase order through.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery from the date we receive your Purchase Order. Cells and custom orders, including peptides and orders to New Zealand, please allow additional time. We work hard to ensure Australian Customs plays nice, and ensure your precious items are transported promptly and at correct temperature from the point of manufacture to your laboratory.

How do I order your magnificent array of products?

Glad you asked! We accept official Purchase Orders via email delivered to

Are Credit Card orders fine?

They sure are! Have your quote ready and send us your Credit Card and delivery details through to or call us on 03 9764 2566 and we can take it from there. We will only charge your Credit Card once the item has been dispatched.

I have received a quote for an identical item at a cheaper price, do you price match?

At Jomar Life Research we never take your research dollars for granted,

so if you get another quote at a price below,

don't be shy… please let us know.

We'll beat that price by 5% and save you dough!

I am a New Zealand researcher who wants the goods. Do you have Import Permits to send items to my laboratory?

Yes indeed we do! We have worked with the New Zealand MPI to ensure we get the paperwork right to ship your items promptly to your lab door. We can ship anything we normally distribute to our Australian customers to your NZ lab, with the exception of cell-lines. We can utilize your Import Permit for cell-lines, don’t you worry.