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Day of Immunology Flash Mob




On the 24th and 27th April 2018, Melbourne was taken over by a plague of immunology enthusiasts… this is their happy story.

This is a chronical all about how,
a squad of scientists turned Melbourne upside down!

One fine day with a step and a clap,
a pod of purple dancers began to click and tap!

Dr Catherine Osborne counted them in,
and crowds of Melburnians stared on with big grins!

Shoppers and city slickers watched with wonder,
as synchronised scientists tried to dance without blunder!

A happy beat filled the air,
from Bourke Street Mall to Federation Square!

Catherine called the chorey ... High! Low! and Rainbow!
In a flash it was all over, the end of the show!

The hive of entertainers buzzed here and bounced there,
spreading the good word of vaccine science to whom had a care!

At the booked-out vax café with coffee in hand,
Jill Hennessey thought the flash mob performances were grand!

Thank you to all who shared the good vibe,
from all of us here at the JLR tribe.


More of the DoI Flash Mob Below

We are organizing a Flash Mob to promote the International Day of Immunology! 

Here’s how to join the coolest, hippest event in the DoI program

Flash mobs will take place on April 24th and April 27th in Melbourne. We are looking for enthusiastic flash mob participants to be a part of this unique experience in the name of science! Flash mobbers will need to be available for a few dance rehearsals (Even if you have no dance experience, our choreographers will have you busting moves down Bourke St in no time!).

Plus you'll get your very own Day of Immunology T-shirt and bragging rights once the videos go viral - of course!

You can be a part of the Flash Mob SIGN UP

For more information on Day of Immunology, Australia and New Zealand events visit 

Flash Mob Day 1 - April 24th, Melbourne

The DoI T-shirts

Purple DoI flash mob t-shirts for all

The first stop - Southbank with 42 dancers!

Bourke Street Mall...
All smiles for the biggest crowd

Flash Mob Day 2 - April 27th, Melbourne

Jill Hennessy and the Joamr Life Research team at The Vaccination Cafe at Melbourne Town Hall

The Videos

Check out the flash mob videos on YouTube: Jomar Life Research YouTube

Step-by-Step Flash mob dance moves

Watch on YourTube

(Recorded at The University of Melboure, Parkville rehearsals)

Monash rehearsals Parkville rehearsals

Monash University Rehearsals

Watch on YouTube

Parkville Rehearsals

Watch on YouTube

We think we can dance... at JLR HQ

Watch part 1  YouTube

Are we doing any better in part 2?

Watch part 2 YouTube

The Events


Please like our Facebook page and RSVP to the Facebook Events for each flashmob event you can attend .By RSVPing to the events on the Facebook page you will have easy access to the latest updates and you can share the event with interested friends, family and lab members. We will also be bringing your Day of Immunology T-shirts based on the Facebook RSVPs for each day. 

Tuesday, April 24th 2018


Friday, April 27th 2018


12pm Queensbridge Square (Southbank)

1pm State Library

1.30pm Bourke Street Mall


12.10pm State Library

Bourke Street Mall

Federation Square



Jomar Life Research

1 Dalmore Drive

Caribbean Park

Scoresby 3179

Thursday, 19 April 12.15-12.45pm

Trinity College

Gateway Building Drama Rm 1 (basement)
100 Royal Parade

Melbourne University, Parkville

Enter courtyard and Gateway Bldg is modern building on your right

Friday, 20 April 12:15 -12:45pm

Monash University

Campus Centre Rehearsal Room

Downstairs, Campus Centre

21, Chancellors Walk

Monday, 23 April, 12:15-12:45pm


If you need a map, please let us know via email. We would like to begin at 12:15 sharp. So, if you are driving and need time to park, please allow sufficient time.

The session should last only 30-45 min. Our experience is that we can teach the dance in this time. Please attend the rehearsal most convenient to you.

Rehearsal sessions - please RSVP ( to attend the sessions most convenient to your location

Contact details

General enquiries: 1 300 543 373 or 03 9764 2566 /

Alex Szabo: 0407 364 155

Sarah Fardy: 0413 917 990

Catherine Osborne: 0437 051 177

Sue Ang: 0415 947 546