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PrimeFlow™ Technology

Invitrogen PrimeFlow RNA Assay expands the capability of flow cytometry to measure RNA. Combine PrimeFlow with immunolabeling of both cell-surface and intracellular proteins using fluorophore-conjugated antibodies. Researchers now can reveal the dynamics of RNA transcription together with protein expression patterns in single-cell resolutions

PrimeFlow™ RNA additional resources 
  • PrimeFlow™ RNA Assay Technology White Paper | PDF online


Single-cell analysis of virus infection: Zika and beyond?

 Eric Clambey, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology and Program in Immunology
University of Colorado 

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High throughput detection of gene-specific mRNA at the single cell level by flow cytometry

Filippos Porichis, PhD
Director of International Programs at the Ragon Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), MIT, and Harvard

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PrimeFlow opens the door to many new avenues of research which were previously inaccessible in single cells: Understand gene regulation by comparing RNA and protein expression in the same cell; Study targets for which no antibody-based probe exists; Understand the role of non-coding RNAs.  PrimeFlow is fully compatible with most current labels and protocols for flow cytometry. 
The term “Revolutionary” is often used lightly, but we believe you will agree that PrimeFlow truly fits this description as a ground-breaking new flow cytometry technology!

  • Detect RNA and protein simultaneously
  • See gene expression hetergenity at the single-cell level
  • Compare RNA and protein kinetics in the same cell
  • Detect non-coding RNA in cellular subsets
  • Evaluate viral RNA in infected cells
  • Analyze mRNA expression levels when antibody selection is limited

To learn more about PrimeFlow™ technology and how it can enable your research, download the PrimeFlow™ White Paper, the PrimeFlow™ Brochure or a Scientific Spotlight article explaining the origin of the technology from Dr. Filippos Porichis at The Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard.

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