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ssRNA40 / LyoVec™, 100 µg

ssRNA40 / LyoVec™, 100 µg

Quick Overview:

Product Code: tlrl-lrna40
Supplier: InvivoGen

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    TLR8 Agonist - HIV-1 LTR-derived ssRNA / LyoVec™. ssRNA40 is a 20-mer phosphorothioate protected single-stranded RNA oligonucleotide containing a GU-rich sequence. ssRNA40, also known as R-1075, is a U-rich single-stranded RNA derived from the HIV-1 long terminal repeat. ssRNA40 is complexed with the cationic lipid LyoVec™, to protect it from degradation and facilitate its uptake.
  • Additional Information

    Supplier name InvivoGen
    Product Type In Vivo Reagents
    Size 4 x 25 microg
    Aliases HIV-1 LTR-derived ssRNA / LyoVec
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    Categories In Vivo Reagents,PRR ligands
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